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We advocate on a variety of different issues including Education, Public Health, Criminal & Juvenile Justice Reform, and much more.

Get Involved!

YNC has so many opportunities for you to make a significant impact! We are always looking for bright, passionate youth who are interested in serving at the local, state, and national level of our organization. You have the opportunity to advocate, regardless of party affiliation, for something you truly care about. 


"It's time for our generation to take charge of our future and make an impact on the world."

- Sareana Kimia, Founder & President/CEO

About Us

YNC hopes to increase youth (under 25) awareness, voice, and impact on local, state, and national political and legislative issues that affect and relate to the youth of the United States. YNC envisions a society where youth are able to make an impact on local, state, and national political and legislative issues in the United States. We see a place at the table for young people to provide their perspective to the conversation.

We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are one. We are a non-partisan organization of youth who support and advocate for each other regardless of party or ideology for a better future of America. Our goal is to establish collective voice at all levels of government to become something greater than what we can be as individuals. 


To donate for the YNC Conference taking place from August 18-22 in Washington DC, click the infographic below to learn more about the conference and donate!